Connecting to Test networks

By default, Celo Terminal does not allow users to connect to non-Mainnet networks. This is done to protect the users from accidental mistakes or unexpected behavior. If you want to use Celo Terminal to connect to Alfajores or Baklava networks, you need to set special environment variables before launching the application.

NOTE There is a higher likelihood that some apps might experience bugs if you constantly switch between the Mainnet and test networks.

Launch for Baklava

Example of creating a launch script to connect Celo Terminal to Baklava network. (This is for MacOS):

# create file:
export CELOTERMINAL_ACCOUNTS_DB=home/.celoterminal/celoaccounts-test.db
/Applications/Celo\\ Terminal
# Make the script executable and run it
> chmod +x ./
> ./

NOTE In addition to changing the NETWORK_ID, this launcher script also changes accounts database location. This way, you can have separate set of accounts that you can use on the test networks vs on Mainnet.

Env Variables

List of all CELOTERMINAL environment variables:

CELOTERMINAL_NETWORK_ID  - ChainId of the network to connect to.
CELOTERMINAL_NETWORK_URL - Default network URL to connect to.
CELOTERMINAL_ACCOUNTS_DB - Accounts database location. Path must have form of: <home | userData>/<path to the accounts database file>

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